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Shoshannah Brombacher

Shoshannah Brombacher studied ancient Near Eastern studies and codicology in Leyden (Holland), with her Ph.D. specializing in the medieval Hebrew poetry of the Amsterdam Sephardic-Portuguese community. She studied in Jerusalem, and lectured in Berlin and New York, where she devotes all her time to her family and her chassidic art. She painted from an early age, inspired by chassidic stories and Chagall works on her father’s bookshelves. She attended classes at an art academy, but considers herself “self-taught.” Her academic career, her passionate interest in chassidic life and her travel experiences (Europe, Egypt and Jerusalem) significantly influence the Jewish themes in her artwork.



Lenore Mizrachi Cohen


Lenore Mizrahi Cohen is a Syrian Jewish artist from Brooklyn. Through her art she aims to draw visual connections between seemingly unrelated objects in nature, and to create work that contemplates the meaning of our collective human experience. She looks forward to being a part of Art Kibbutz this summer in order to expand her current series, a modern reinterpretation of Judaeo­-Arabic proverbs through calligraphy and street scenes, and to meet and dialogue with other artists. “During my residency I plan to begin work on a new series that explores the personal histories of individuals and families who were expelled from their home countries. I will be specifically focusing on members of the Syrian and Egyptian Jewish communities, many of whom were forced to migrate to the US after the creation of the state of Israel. The series will be comprised of a series of multimedia works which will draw from first-hand accounts/testimonies of their experiences. Each artwork will be unique the way it interprets these testimonies visually; they may include a painted “inventory” of prized objects left behind, family photos, or an illustrated scene from the narrative that is particularly striking or poignant. This series' goal is to explore notions of contemporary Jewish identity and traditionalism translated into a modern era.”

Rivka Nehorai


Rivka is an outspoken activist for recovering artists, insisting that raw, redemptive art-making is the means for mental and spiritual health. Rivka received her BA in Painting from Rutgers University, and does a daily chicken dance balancing act with mothering three little ladies and attempting to find her way within the greater art world. Rivka displays her work at